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With Sex Station 7, developed by Somavision Studios, another game besides Lula3D (adventure) comes up with non-sex-related game play as addition, in Sex Station 7 you play a First Person Shooter (FPS). As a special agent of the Genetic Development Ministry you investigate the loss of contact to Station 7 where a top secret alpha female engineering program is running. As Martin Booker, PR Director of Somavision Digital, correctly remarks: “There has been little progress in the world of adult video games with regard to design and advancement of story elements, we hope to change that.” Their aim is to enable players to have a complete experience by game play including story line with nude babes and explicit adult action as reward for story progress For members it’s planned to have monthly deliveries of individually playable games in evolving chapters with unique challenges at no additional charge. There’s a free video demo available for you to check out the games ability to fullfill your needs…