Giant Insect Research Institute (2021)

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Circle: Hyper General
Release: May/29/2017
Work Format: Action
Genre: Female Heroine Only, Childbirth, Interspecies Sex, Twin Tail, Worm Sex, 3d game, animated, creampie, female protagonist, group sex, monster, pregnancy, rape, vaginal sex
File Size: 65.8 MB

*Cheats included

Description – Google Translated
Escape from a mysterious research facility full of giant insects!

The trial version is for operation check only.
This game is a personally produced action game that contains some erotic elements, but is created on the assumption that you will enjoy the game itself.
The main purpose of the game is to search inside the facility so that it can not be found by the traps and escape from the facility.

■ Genre
3rd person perspective 3D stealth action game

■ Element
Female protagonist.
Heterogeneous fucking only.
Pregnancy and childbirth expressions.

■ Operation method
The operation method mainly used in TPS (Third Person Shooter) is adopted.
W: Move to the back
A: Move left
S: Move forward
D: Move right

Q: Use recovery items

Left click: Action (open door / pick up / use item)
Shift left: Dash
Space: Jump (Return from down: Long press → Release → Repeat)
Left Ctrl: squat

Right-click + mouse operation: move viewpoint horizontal position
Right click + wheel: Perspective vertical position movement
Right click + left click: Viewpoint initialization

Home: Viewpoint initialization
PageUp: Viewpoint rise
PageDown: Descent of viewpoint

1: Change clothes display
2: Change clothing shape
3: Change skirt display
4: Underwear display switching